We can’t wait for February 2nd!

CrossFit Kids is just about a week away and WE CAN’T WAIT!

Jess and her crew worked so hard to provide some GREAT CrossFit Preview classes in the fall and since then she’s been finalizing details on programming, coaches, and agreements with CrossFit HQ.

In case you are wondering how excited she is, she texted me a screenshot of the main site when they put us up as an official CrossFit Kids Registered Program. And a smiley face.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 5.13.14 PM

Did you guys know we are one of only 3 CrossFit Kids Affiliates in the entire city? That’s just another reason that our gym – our CrossFit Renew family – is different. We genuinely want to be about your whole family.

And we want your kiddos at CrossFit Kids Renew! For a number of reasons. Well, just two:

For fun! Fun is paramount at CrossFit Kids Renew! Our classes are built with safe, functional movements, and are designed to be so fun that the kids want to come back for more!

For their long-term health. We use the “Ten General Physical Skills” of CrossFit to build games with participation, appropriate challenge, and success as hallmarks. We want every member of your family to be healthy and well. It’s critical for kids to create a positive relationship with exercise to make health a long-term reality. In addition to a great workout, kids in our classes will learn communication, work on ability to follow instructions, and learn how to encourage each other during games.

If you are a member at CrossFit Renew then you know by now that we love you and we love your kids. If you’ve never heard of Renew, I can promise you that we will love you and your kids too.

If you’re worried about time commitments or over-extending yourselves then have no fear. Starting out, we will be having class just one day a week for 45 minutes. It’s just about the perfect activity to fit in between school and dinner.

As a bonus, we will be posting “Family WODs” on the website each Thursday for you and your kids to do at home together. HOW FUN IS THAT?

Super fun, if we say so.

CrossFit Kids Renew starts February 2nd at 4:00pm at CrossFit Renew. There are only 12 spots available and 3 have already been scooped up. Which means 25% of our class is booked. 1/4 , if you will.

Mathematics lessons aside, this means you better make sure to get your kiddos signed up today! For questions, comments, and to sign up, email Jess Rhodes at jess.rhodes@crossfitrenew.org. Jess is incredibly passionate about serving you and your kids – so don’t hesitate to reach out.

See you and the family on February 2nd at 4:00pm!