So…where’s Whitney?

As you may have noticed, Whitney hasn’t been around the gym for a little more than two weeks. You guys have asked about her and her whereabouts and I got so many questions that I figured it was time to let the whole gym know where she went.

The reality is that her WOD playlists just got so bad that I had to let her go…

I’m kidding of course. Unfortunately, our dear coach Whitney is currently at home recovering surgery to repair a fractured kneecap and ruptured tendons in her quadriceps.


Two weeks ago, Whit was on vacation and was walking down a hill in Utah when her leg gave out. At first she didn’t think much of it but then, couldn’t stand up. As it turns out it’s hard to stand up when your kneecap is fractured and the tendons in your quads are ruptured.


She came home from Utah last Saturday and had surgery two days ago. She’s in remarkably good spirits but the reality is that she has a long road to recovery ahead. She has months of rehab ahead of her and, obviously, won’t be able to workout for quite sometime.


Fortunately for her, community is a HUGE blessing in times like this. Our coaching staff is on-call to help Whit however we can because we love her and she is an enormous blessing to our team. 

I know she is also a huge gift to our members as well so we want to allow you guys to be able to help her out over the coming weeks and months. Here is how you can do that:

Pray for her – Just ask God to heal her quickly and also help her discover that everything will still be okay if she can’t workout.

Check in with her – Whit loves our gym and our people so it will be hard for her to see and talk to everyone while she is on the couch. Would you guys mind sending her an email at and just checking in? Ask her how you can help and don’t take no for an answer. 

Care for her and spend time with her – Becca Phillips is creating a care calendar for Whit so that we can all be available to take food to Whit, provide rides (she can’t drive), or just hang out with her. We will get that calendar out as soon as Whit gets back into town. 

Send her playlist suggestions – Because seriously…if she comes back after all these months off with more bad playlists I might really fire her. 

In all seriousness, the box will definitely be a different place for a few months without Whit but, rest assured that she is still a HUGE part of our team and family. In the meantime, we will be readjusting our coaching schedule to fill in the gaps she left. Here are the changes you’ll see:

Monday nights – Brett is moving from Tuesday night to Monday

Tuesday nights – The utterly terrific (and the new) Philip Edsel will be taking over Tuesday nights and he is going to be GREAT!

Friday nights – I’ll (Chris) be taking over and I’m really looking forward to hanging with that crew on the regular and having Dakota be mean to me about my drink selections. 

If you guys have any questions or suggestions as to how we can help Whit over the next few weeks and months then let me know. I’m excited to watch our community rally around her!