The Final Update: 19.5 + Awards!




We made it through the 2019 CrossFit Open alive and only slightly scathed! We are so, so proud of everyone — from the first timers to the masters veterans — we saw some amazing community moments unfold, and some crazy athletic feats emerge from folks just simply getting out of their comfort zones.

Thank you to everyone who came out to make these last five weeks the best ever — Austin Sports Therapy, Airrosti, Rebbl, Pearson Properties, Nicki Morgan’s jalapeno dip, Jess Guevara’s margs, and we’d like to especially thank New Skin Liquid Bandages for obvious 19.5-related reasons.

For the past couple of years, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to award some folks some key superlatives, as well as crown the gym champs in their respective categories. So, without further adieu, we bring you the finishing highlights from 19.5 and this year’s slew of winners.

Way to go, y’all!

19.5 Highlights:

  • Hroch finished exactly when Mat Fraser did, times two. So, he’s essentially twice the man Matty Fray is.
  • Zach, Drew, Laura, and Jamie all  finished the workout in a buzzer-beating RX fashion and boy was it exciting to watch.
  • McKenzie, Whitney, Geoffrey, and Gerry said RIP and goodbye to the skin on their hands and made the rig look like a scene straight outta Dexter.
  • Val Harmon  m u r d e r e d  this workout scaled, and, later, found out exactly (the hard way) why we wrap our thumbs around the bar when doing pull-ups.
  • Shannon Frawley also demonstrated some serious athleticism and finished this workout scaled, but wanted to try her ~hand~ at RX, so after a few days gave it a go and got 33 reps!
  • Sadie didn’t go into labor during any part of 19.5.
  • Sally Mayo did ALL of her scaled thrusters unbroken, the whole time, and frankly we all should strive to be like Sally Mayo.

Before we go on to the final stats and winners circle, let’s take a minute and recognize all these badass first timers!

Ladies: Lindsay, Ciera, Chloe, Lauren, Kelsi, Kelly, Tara, Michelle Kwan, Frances, Meredith, and Elizabeth!!

Fellas: Alex, Chad (it’s about time, Chadley), Aiden, Michael Burton, Bryan Payne, Jared, Michael Zimmerman, Blake, Paul, Qasim, Dino, and Kevin!

Look at all those names, y’all! Some of these folks literally only started CrossFit a month or so before the Open began, and it only took weeks of convincing and a promise that they wouldn’t perish. Amazing. We are so proud of y’all!

Alright, after all that, let’s see what the 19.5 scoreboards looked like:


Men’s RX


Ladies’ RX

Men’s Scaled

Ladie’s Scaled

Men’s Masters

Ladies Masters

And, drumroll please, the final, overall stats and standings from the last five weeks of work!

  • Fittest Man, RX: Justin Hroch (6 points)
  • Fittest Woman, RX: Jamie Kampman (10 points)
  • Fittest Man, Scaled: Aiden Romano (54 points)
  • Fittest Woman, Scaled: Shannon Frawley (59 points)
  • Fittest Man, Masters: Paul Smith (133 points)
  • Fittest Woman, Masters: Sally Mayo (167 points)

Congratulations to you six for taking home the proverbial gold in their category! But now, the real awards:

  • Worst Rip: Gerald Flynn
  • Best Rester: Philip Edsel
  • Judge’s favorite: Paul Smith
  • Sweatiest Beast: Zach Lozano
  • Chalk Monster: Becca Matimba
  • Loudest Grunter: Becca Harris
  • Most Spirited: Jared Crowley
  • Most Aggressive: Whitney Furrh
  • Best Effort, Dudes Division: Bryan Payne
  • Best Effort, Ladies Division: Shannon Frawley
  • First Timer: Alex Morgan

If your name is on here and you weren’t there for the awards ceremony Friday night, find a coach and demand that they give you your very official awards certificate. You earned it, champ.

We cannot emphasize enough how stinking proud we are of all of you. You are why The Open is great — not because highly skilled elite athletes are working out on TV, no, but because new people, seasoned people, people who are nervous, people who are confident, and people who aren’t entirely sure what they’re getting into come together for the sake of bettering their friendships and fitness.

Thank you for stepping in to judge, bring treats, cheer each other on, keep the competition light and fun, and keeping those hungry butts starvin’.

Until next Spring — sayonara Open season!

19.4 Highlights: Burpees and barbells and muscle ups OH MY

How exciting was 19.4!!

First time muscle-uppers, first time kipping pull-uppers, and what? Built-in rest? That was probably the most exciting part of the whole thing if we’re all just sitting around being honest.
This one was a fun one to watch: good old fashioned hard-as-you-can for that first bit, and then some really great efforts on the gymnastics/technical portions. And you just can’t beat our crowd — everyone was so supportive. The Open! It’s the best!

Here are some of the highlights:

  • First and foremost, Nicki Morgan’s creamy jalapeno dip was incredible. If you missed it, well, that’s because Sadie and Becca Harris ate it all.
  • Jamie had never done a muscle up before Friday, and then banged out 10 in the workout… so.
  • Becky did it alongside Shirtless Wonder Russ before FNL and got 3 muscle ups the first round… but then did it again and got not only all the muscle ups in the first round, but all the snatches and a muscle up into the second round!! Worth it.
  • And to continue the ~fit femme~ trend, Laura, Athena, and Jamie repped some out, and Whitney and Julie were thiiiiiiis close to getting their first one. They’re gonna get it soon… we can feel it.
  • Zach beat Hroch! NEED I SAY MORE!
  • Jared has been working on his pull-ups, and he repped out 20!! Good work, Jared!
  • Andi, Shannon, Michelle Kwan and Sadie’s pregnant ass finished the entire scaled workout in under the time cap and lived to tell about it.

And here are the results from 19.4. To see the full leaderboard, click here and scroll through!

Men RX

Women RX

Men Scaled

Women Scaled

Men Masters

Women Masters

Alright y’all.

One. More. Week.

Let’s finish strong, and cap the night with some fun and food — our afterparty kicks off at the end of the final heat! Pearson Properties is gonna hook us up with some food (there are rumors of Chick-fil-a nugs…), we’ve got RX Bars to hand out like Oprah hands out Chrysler sedans, Restore Cryotherapy and Austin Sports Therapy will be there to help us both prep and recover, and Rebbl is coming back out to hand out more of their bottled goodness.

Bring a friend or five and see you under the Friday Night Lights!!

19.3 recap and highlights!

Aaaaand now we’ve all found something to work on for the next year…

This workout, though short, was no joke when it came to muscle fatigue. But as always, we bore witness to some total rockstars doing total rockstar stuff. Check it out!

Peep these highlights:

  • Sadie got ballsy and dove straight into the bear crawls from 50 strict presses and nearly took a tumble, but caught herself ‘cause she is a strong and agile pregnant person.
  • Val Harmon got to the HSPU with like 4 minutes left in the workout, and spent the entire 4 minutes working on a strict scaled HSPU. After many attempts, she finally got one beautiful one. Yay, Val!!
  • Blake Choisnet takes the cake for making the most noise/effort while doing step-ups.
  • McKenzie, Laura, Athena and Jamie got through some of the HSPU RX, and after attempting on Friday and working on them over the weekend, Ashley Hurt also repped some out!
  • Jon Wickes re-did the whole thing and got a whopping 22 more reps!
  • Chloe originally thought she was only going to be able to get 5 scaled HSPU, but then banged out 20 because of course she did.
  • Bryan Payne snagged 4 HSPU out of this workout, despite being no-repped by Hroch, like, 1,000 times. But per usual, he still came out smiling.
  • And last but not least, Jared Crowley, everyone’s favorite cheerleader, got not only his first HSPU — but his first three! With his dad there to cheer him on!


And check out the current standings from 19.3:

RX Men

RX Women

Scaled Men

Scaled Women

Masters Men

Masters Women

For the overall leaderboard, click here

What a great week! For all of you who attempted HSPU, but just couldn’t get them, don’t be discouraged! This is why we encourage people to do The Open: so get comfortable with the uncomfortable, find those areas that need the most improvement, and set personal goals to be better by next year.

19.4 is just around the corner… let’s stay strong as we head into the finish line.  Get to the gym, stretch, eat well, drink water, and let’s get after it for 19.4!

19.2 Highlight Recap!

Week 2: complete! Raise your hand if you thought those squat cleans weren’t going to be as heavy as they were…

*raises hand*

19.2 was, as expected, a total blast! This one was tough for a lot of us because it was hard to decide between RX and scaled. Some of us have a few double unders sometimes, some of us have toes to bar in singles, some of us have a motor and some of us… do not.

For those of us in the sometimes or singles camp, The Open is always this fine line between deciding to push the skills we’ve been working on RX, or choosing to scale to crank our motors and complete a workout. But as the magic of The Open would have it, people got their double unders, people strung toes to bar together, and people lifted more than they thought they could for 5, 10, 15 reps!

Peep some of these magic moments:

  • Alex Morgan did the workout scaled during FNL and finished the ENTIRE five rounds in just over 15 minutes. He also re-did it on Monday RX to test his double under limits and made it to 139 reps!
  • Hroch got into the fourth round RX and really showed his Dad Strength™
  • Laura and Jamie both made it out of the 8:00 cap and made the 145# cleans look some type of way.
  • Kaylin, Michelle Kwan, Val, Jess Guevara, and Shannon blew their previous squat clean PRs outta the water by lifting 5-20lbs more than their previous maxes FOR REPS.
  • Sally, Vasko, Georgia, Frances, and Mike Rondini absolutely crushed it in the masters division!
  • Ashley Hurt managed to crank out 42 toes to bar in 8:00, despite never having done RX toes to bar in a workout! Turns out she does have hip flexors!
  • Ciera finished the scaled workout in ~16:00 and we are not worthy.


And here are the current standings across all leaderboards:

Men’s RX

Women’s RX

Men’s Scaled

Women’s Scaled


What a freakin’ weekend. Great job, y’all. That one was nasty. Now rest those legs and breath easy knowing double unders, rowing, T2B, and wall balls are out of the way, and let’s get ready for this Friday! Also, if you are interested in the worldwide open standings, check out the CrossFit Games leaderboard. Some of these dudes are no joke!


  • Sign up for a heat to compete in this week’s Friday Night Lights, AND sign up for a slot to judge.
  • If you know you can’t make Friday — take your name off the sheet so someone can swipe your spot and sign up for a makeup slot on either Saturday or Monday. If neither of those work then reach out to a coach to coordinate a time to get your WOD on.
  • Show up 15-20 minutes BEFORE your heat start time to adequately warm up. It’s important we stick to the schedule so everyone works out in a timely manner and no one’s competing alone at 8pm like a sad sack.
  • Tag us in your stories on Insta and we’ll share your stuff! @crossfitrenew is the name, funny gifs are our game.

The Open: 19.1 Recap

Under the Friday Night LIghts: 19.1 Recap!

We did it! Week one is in the books. Now, we’re not saying it was the most ~lit~ first FNL we’ve ever had, but let’s just say those lights were bright last Friday night. If you missed it, well, you’re the worst, and here’s a quick recap of the action, as well as current standings:


  • Daddy Romano came to watch his pride and joys, Ari and Aiden, compete head-to-head. Without shame, he took many pictures and cheered very loudly and was cheesing the whole time. Formal request for everyone to bring their parents always.
  • Three cheers for Michelle Kwan, Bryan Payne, Lauren Bratcher, and sweet baby angel Georgia Levin — who are competing in FNL for the very first time during the 8am class!! Champs.
  • Qasim, aka this month’s spotlight member, is also in it for the first time and was very nervous going into his heat Friday night — but he didn’t die and totally crushed it.
  • The office transformed into a pretty hazardous jungle gym for all the tiny children.
  • DJ LaRae spun some sick beats and fired off some incredible jokes, per usual.
  • Our pals at Airrosti came to hang with us throughout the night — helping folks both get warm and recover, and even fed us snacks and drinks! We love them.
  • Jess brought her margs. That is all there is to say about that.

And here are the standings:

Women’s RX

Men’s RX

Women’s scaled

Men’s scaled

And now, onto week 2.

Crew, us coaches are so proud of you! We have 4 more weeks of fun, so remember to use your weekly workouts wisely; that is, scale appropriately to avoid injury or overexertion, fuel your body well and often, drink all the water, and stretch, stretch, stretch.

See you on the mats!  

Last but not least… the 18.5 Highlight Reel

18.5 is over. The Reebok 2018 CrossFit Open is finished. We did it. We made it. Dave Castro did not defeat us. We will survive.

Here are the 18.5 highlights:

  • Andi Lozano scaled on Friday, and came in Monday to bust it out RX. She wanted to get past the round of 9 and got to the pullups on the round of 12.
  • Shannon Frawley got her first chest to bar during warmup, and then did 4 more in the workout!
  • Jordan Elder’s goal was to hold his spot in 10th, and he absolutely did. Check that leaderboard, Jordan!
  • Kim Hernandez’s goal was to get to the round of 12. She got to the round of 18.  
  • Haley and Whitney were tied going into 18.5, and Whitney pulled out two extra reps to push her ahead. Both performances were truly heroic!
  • Gerry Flynn got a whopping 64 reps, fell asleep immediately after, and then told his doting wife that “maybe 3 glasses of champagne at brunch weren’t a good idea”. Brunch so hard.
  • Justin made it to pullups in the round of 21. Need we say more?


Bonus highlights!!

  • Haley Hall is sooooo cloooooose to a muscle up we can taste it. Keep at it, Haley!
  • Steven Harmon got his first bar muscle up!


What are the standings?

Women’s RX

Men’s RX

Women’s Scaled

Men’s Scaled

Women’s Masters

Men’s Masters

The year’s Open was such a fun one. We had so many people dragging their feet on signups, dreading Friday Night Lights, not knowing what to expect, who then came to love every week.

You are the real MVPs.

There were a lot of firsts — first muscle ups, first double unders, first RX’d workout, first Open back from 2 years of injuries… but you know what’s neat? These firsts are exactly what they are: firsts. Not lasts. You guys (slash we all) grew substantially throughout this Open Season, and the tone it’s set for the remainder of the year is exciting!!

CrossFit is fun, but community is better. And we sure do have a lot of good people inside the walls of CrossFit Renew.

Now, rest! Recover. And get ready for a whole new Renew.

18.4 Highlight Reel

If the CrossFit Open workout 18.4 were a Friends episode title, it would be “The one with all the deadlifts.”  Also, when’s the last time you bear crawled? 5th grade PE? Same. If you ask Hroch for a recap of 18.4, his response is simply “James killed it.”


End of blog.


Have a good Wednesday.

Just kidding. Here are the highlights!

  • James. Because he did all strict HSPU and we are not worthy.
  • “Andi Lozano’s bear crawl was UNBELIEVABLE! I literally thought there was an animal in the gym!” – Becca Harris
  • On the flip side, Becca forgot to breath the whole time and Andi had to yell at her to remind her so she didn’t perish.
  • Randel finished the second, heavy set of 21 deads and knocked them out in pretty big sets because of course she did.
  • Hroch was our only guy that got to the handstand walks! He finished the first set, and got into the set of 15 deadlifts before he was capped.
  • Becky, Whitney and McKenzie got into the last set of handstand pushups on Diane!
  • Tyler got no repped more than he wanted to and got mad for maybe the first time in his life. He’s a real human, y’all.
  • Gerry Flynn did the first set of 21 deadlifts in 28 seconds and then went for breakfast tacos.


What are the standings?

Women RX

Men RX

Women Scaled

Men Scaled

Masters Women

Masters Men

God bless our strong hamstrings and weird recovery issues (does anyone have neck soreness? Burst blood vessels in their face? From HSPU? No? Just McKenzie?). It’s the 5th and final week of the Open, y’all. Let’s finish strong and, perhaps most importantly, let’s get ready to party. Come hang out at Coach Becky’s house after the final heat on Friday (or go home, tend to your dogs/children, then come back) for jams, drinks, eats, and awards. Yep, there are awards.


18.3 Highlight Reel

18.3 was technical, it was gymnasty, and it pointed out lots of weaknesses that most of us have. Double unders, overhead squats, muscle ups…the only thing that could have made it worse would have been squat snatches.

Despite Dave Castro’s efforts to defeat us, the Renew Crew showed up strong! Every time there are skills like this, there is bound to be at least one person that gets something for the first time. And you better believe we had more than one!

Here are the highlights:

  • The ever dominant Randel attempted a million ring muscle ups, and got her first one with 2 seconds to spare. The 8am was RILED up! (she also redid it and got 3 cause she’s Randel)
  • Ryan Kirwin has been so close to getting his muscle up for months. He didn’t get past the second set of double unders, but at 14:00, just for kicks, jumped up and got it on his first try!
  • Andi Lozano scaled and did pull-ups (with grace and ease) and was only 8 reps away from completing both rounds! That’s probably the most pull-ups she’s ever done in a workout!
  • Steven Harmon has been working on double unders since birth probably and was only 2 reps away from finishing the second set of 100! That is 198 double unders! We will be awarding him a medal because we have been anxiously awaiting this day.
  • Frank Brown wanted to do the actual scale, and did regular pull-ups. One at a time, slow and steady.
  • Whitney Furrh got two ring muscle ups after not having done them for a few years and was very excited, as she should have been.
  • Zach Lozano wasn’t satisfied with his performance, so went back for round two Saturday morning, getting to the second set of double unders in the second round (the farthest anyone got)!
  • Because of the previous highlight, Hroch also redid it. He didn’t beat Zach, but he did beat his previous tiebreaker and got further than before!
  • McKenzie and Becky did muscle ups in a workout for the first time, and had the BEST cheer squad. Every time they were on top of the rings, everyone lost their minds and it was amazing.
  • A few honorable mentions that will be getting muscle ups very soon are as follows: Haley Hall, Becca Harris, Jordan Elder, Tyler Daniel, Jack Furrh. Your time will come.


What are the standings?

Women RX

Men RX

Women Scaled

Men Scaled

Women Masters

Men Masters (Mike wanted everyone to know how he has been doing, so pay special attention to this section)

Now, on behalf of all of the Renew staff, we would like to close this blog with a quick, “I told you so.”

We told you that you would be pushed. We told you that you would be challenged. We told you that you would do cool things you didn’t know you could ever do. We told you our community would rally and cheer and celebrate everyone’s accomplishments. We dadgum told you so. You can thank us later.

But for real, it’s workouts like this that make CrossFit so special. We are so proud of all of you and beyond grateful for this community that is CrossFit Renew. Working out is cool…but you all are cooler.

We are past the halfway mark. Gear up for 18.4 and see you there!

18.2 Highlight Reel

We harp on Friday Night Lights and how special of a time it is, and this Friday truly was a great representation of what all the hype is about. There were buzzer beaters. There were PRs. There was so much cheering. And there was Dave Matthews Band.

Here are some highlights:

  • Ari Romano stood up his only clean at 12:00 on the dot! Tyler and James came out of nowhere, threw his weight on for him as he stepped up to the bar. True teamwork right there.
  • Who PR’d you ask?
    • Sadie hit a 155# power clean, 15# more than her pre-surgery lift!
    • Whitney hit her pre-surgery PR at 135#, which is 15# heavier than she’d ever done post-surgery!
    • Val Harmon PR’d by 10# at 115# and did it despite her bad day at work. #athlete #gainz
  • Jess Rhodes has always done step back burpees, and mentally had to make herself jump back with two feet. She got all of them with zero no-reps!
  • Frank Brown rolled in at 7:15p to compete alone at 7:30p. He warmed up a little, people lined the wall to watch, we cued up some requested Dave Matthews Band, and he got to work. He finished his last barbell facing burpee at 11:55, went for the clean while everyone lost their minds. For the full story, check out our Instagram post! It truly was heroic.

So what are the standings? Check them out below:

Women RX:

Men RX:

Women Scaled:

Men Scaled:

This week was a poignant reminder of what an incredible community we have. It’s easy to forget that in the hustle and bustle of growing membership and newly built spaces, but we love you guys so much and are so happy you’re a part of Renew.

Three more weeks, y’all! Let’s get ready to roll again on Friday!

Friday Night Lights: 18.1 Recap

One down, 4 more to go. 18.1 was… cute. Our shoulders are bruised, our forearms are sore, but clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose, amirite?

We are so proud of you guys. You came, you saw, you wanted to turn around and remove your name from the heat sheet, but instead you conquered. All we can do week over week is just that: show up and work hard. Just like these people! Peep the highlights:

  • Jess Guevara did 18.1 on Friday, felt really defeated by it, so decided to re-do it with her mind right. For her, it wasn’t so much that she wanted to do the workout again, but she wanted to feel like she owned it. She got 51 more reps than her first attempt. So, take that Castro. #owned
  • Luke Voss kept it slow and steady with singles on toes to bar, ripped most of his hand and bled everywhere, but just like his temperament, he stayed consistent and finished RX at 171 reps.
  • Our favorite flexi girl, Andi Lozano, was so nervous coming into the workout and planned to scale. After warming up, (and some coaxing… I mean coaching), she completed the workout RX and  CRUSHED IT.
  • Sadie Flynn had knee surgery like… not even two weeks ago and completed the workout scaled, but like… she got almost 330 reps not two weeks out of surgery, so…wow.
  • The 8am crew showed up with guns blazing and sarcasm flying, per usual. They also were responsible and didn’t drink mimosas afterwards, but what they don’t know is that they will this week.  
  • Headmaster Hroch  came in on Monday during open gym talking some smack about how he wasn’t going to re-attempt the workout. He then proceeded to do some Good Will Hunting math on the board to figure out what split times he needed to get 12 rounds, still saying he wasn’t sure if he was going to re-do it, then obviously re-did it, and improved his score by 22 reps.


So what are the current standings? Am I going to Regionals?

You can always check the leaderboard whenever you want by logging into your account here. But or these recap blogs, we will keep you posted with the top 10 each week in both divisions.

Women RX:

Men RX:

Women Scaled:

Men Scaled:


Regardless of what the leaderboards say week over week, you guys are forever the best. Thanks for not only working super hard, but for helping us stay organized and keeping things running smoothly!

The Renew Crew is the best crew. Stay hydrated this week, eat clean (and eat enough!), stay stretchy, and we’ll see everyone again in a few days for 18.2!