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When it comes to making a commitment to your health and fitness, do you feel stuck?


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Maybe you're stuck with no routine or accountability? Maybe you're current routine's got you stuck in a rut? Or you're stuck in a contract at some gym you really don't like anymore.

Or maybe you're stuck on the idea that January is really the ONLY time you're allowed make a resolution for a new year and new you. Fortunately, we can help.

What is Foundations?

Foundations Training is to make CrossFit, fitness, and community more accessible for YOU.

Beginning the first Monday of every month, you'll start six introductory classes where we will cover what exactly CrossFit is, what we do at CrossFit Renew, the foundational movements of CrossFit, and more.

Once you've completed those six introductory classes, your Foundations dues provide a three-times per week membership for the next week.

This will give you some time to meet many of our members, as well as get an idea of the culture of our box. This introduction will help you improve in your fitness and hopefully help you fall in love with our community.

How do I take advantage of this RIGHT NOW!

It's easy and takes a few simple steps:

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3. Make your purchase

That's it...three steps and you're in! Our staff will be in touch after you sign up to make sure you've got everything you need!

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